Ria Erckens

'La Naissance Disperdue' 2000


Location: Helix building, floor 1

Ria Erckens is a self-educated artist, as a painter and watercolorist, as well as sculptor. She draws her inspiration from all living creatures: mankind, the animal world, and plants. She prefers working in nature, or otherwise with live models, to achieve the utmost attachment to her subject. Her work varies from the figurative to the (more) abstract.

Erckens first works in clay, later shifting to bronze casting. Her next challenges are sculpting in freestone, and painting and watercolouring. Characteristic of her bronze sculptures are the rounded forms, while in her acrilic paintings (on canvas and paper) the intense and powerful colours come to the fore. Never does Ria Erckens move far away from nature. Neither in her landscapes, her magnified flowers or her female figures.


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