Selwyn Senatori

'Mediterrana' 2007

Location: Atlas Building, floor 1. 

Selwyn Senatori (1973, Pallanza, Italy) graduates in illustrative design in 1999 at the Utrecht Academy of Arts. He works both as an independent artist and on assignment. In the latter capacity he illustrates children's books and designs posters. His works as an independent are mainly paintings in which 'The States' are a major theme. The images depict blenders, fried eggs, a well-filled refrigerator and more items which the artist considers typically American. He prefers to work in acrylic paint, but he uses all tools that come to hand, like crayons and marker pens, spray cans etc. The MAC is an important tool too.

Themes for paintings on assignment may be chosen by customers, Senatori then creates the work in his own style. Our painting, ordered by the Holland Art Gallery for TU/e to include it in the 2007 Christmas gift package for its employees in 2007, is titled 'Mediterrana'. The image may be seen on platters, placemats, the book of employees' holiday stories, on napkins and on the puzzle box.

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