Provisional Rainbow Machine

Location: in depot


Provisional Rainbow Machine (no theory) 1980

Gerrit van Bakel

In the early 1980s Van Bakel tries to get in closer touch with the sciences, especially mathematics, physics and chemistry. He has regular conversations with physicists at TU/e. One of the results of this effort is the 'Provisional Rainbow Machine. .  

With the 'Provisional Rainbow Machine' Van Bakel aimst to integrate Goethe's subjective, emotional theory of colours with the scientific, physical approach of Newton. Van Bakel's untimely death meant he could not finish it. Only some written notes on the integrated theory remain, how the integration would work has never become clear.

The principle of day and night once again makes the machine move: the Rainbow would reach higher as the temperature would rise. Van Bakel intended to make the 'Definitive Rainbow Machine, with theory' three times as large to demonstrate the movements more clearly. It was to have been given an outside location.

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