Ingrid Rollema

'Paardenhoofden' (horses' heads),

Location: Helix building, department of Chemical Engineering, on roof on north side 


A gift from the builders' team.

They are beyond any doubt the most remarkable pieces in the TU/e art collection, the two horses' heads that the constructors of the new building for the department of Chemical Engineering donated to TU/e. From the roof of the lecture room in the Helix Building for the department of Chemical Engineering they seem to want the charge at the world. They look like realistic horses' heads but that 's not what they really are. Also, the bronze green is not quite the kind of green that settles slowly on bronze oblects.

Ingrid Rollema (1953) studied at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts. She went on to study international law at Leiden University and philosophy of art at the University of Amsterdam. She held exhibitions in many countries, including Russia, Mexico, Poland and Italy.

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