Lancelot Samson

'Het schip' ('The Ship'), 'Reigers in het riet' ('Herons in the Reeds')


Location: in storage

Lancelot (Elysee) Samson (1938 - 2009), educated at the The Hague Academy of Visual Arts, begins his career as an outspokenly progressive artist. He is active in many fields and collaborates with the likes of the composer Peter Schat and the author Willem de Ridder in an experimental theatre show titled 'Mood Engineering Society' (1961). Having overcome a dip, Samson achieves success making portraits in classical style, his subjects including Queen Beatrix, the author Harry Mulisch, and Pavarotti.

'Het Schip' ('The Ship'), and 'Reigers in het riet' ('Herons in the reeds') belong to his early work, mid nineteen sixties. Both bear resemblance to the thread plastics by the English sculptor Henry Moore. According to Moore, plastics evolve from an endless number of lines that supplement each other and intersect with one another, resulting in the enclosure of a space. Samson elaborates on these principles using very simple means. The space between the thin sticks suggests the volume, and the balance of the lines makes the ship 'sail'.