Margot Zanstra

'Turbulentie' 1995


Location: Near the Luna building

The physical phenomenon of 'turbulence' captured in sheet steel. Movement captured in tight and motionless sheet steel. Margot Zanstra (1919 - 2010) prefers mathematical and geometrical forms, always featuring strong rhytm and balance.

Zanstra may well have developed this preference during her earlier career. For many years she is a ballerina with the Dutch National Ballet, for which she also produces choreography. She creates her first sculpture only after leaving ballet in 1966.

'Turbulentie' takes shape in the workshop of the TU/e department of Applied Physics, in close consultation with Zanstra. It is an almost exact copy (a little less high) of the sculpture she makes in 1987 as a contribution to the fifth Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition, which is held in that year at the Utsukushi-gahara Open Air Museum in Japan. For this statue she is awarded a special mention by the jury. In 1991 Zanstra wins the main Henry Moore Prize with her work 'Ghostdwelling'.

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