Marius van Beek


Location: Helix building - Staircase floor 1

Sculptor and art critic Marius van Beek doesn't make just autonomous sculptures, but also monuments. He is best known for the monument commemorating the liberation from Nazi occupation in World War 2, at the foot of the bridge over the river Waal in Nijmegen. Van Beek makes sculptures in both bronze and stone.

'Tauromagie' (meaning, among other things, 'Bullfight') is a sculpture dealing with struggle, often a basic theme in his work. The groundwork is laid during World War 2, when Van Beek joins the resistance movement. Apart from monuments and other sculptures, this combativeness also finds expression in the huge work 'Doel van Santiago' ('Goal of Santiago', 1974). It shows people who have been hung from the bar of a football goal, thus accusing the then military dictatorship in Chile. Van Beek also made graphics concerned with Ulrike Meinhof, a member of the Baader Meinhof group. She was found dead in a heavily guarded German jail under suspicious circumstances.

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