Ralph Brodrück

No title (2007)

Location: in storage

This work consists of two clocks, side by side on a wall. Both clocks are synchronized. I.E.: they're mainly standing still. Each minute the hands move up one stripe and then stand still again. The sound still resonates for a little, while the hands of the clocks already seem to be getting ready for their next jump.

Brodrück: “Somebody asked 'Is this really a work of art? 'The answer is 'Yes'. Even though the object was not constructed for some kind of expression. It does not place the viewer before a fait accompli, but requires an active and focused observation.”

Waarneming is volgens Brodrück primair wat kunst aan de orde stelt. Niemand let normaliter op de vormgeving van klokken, alleen op de tijd. Nu ga je ze vergelijken: omdat je wil weten of ze gelijk lopen en of ze er ècht het zelfde uitzien. Ze zijn ook niet samen in één blik te vangen, je kunt één wijzer zien verspringen, de andere alleen horen
According to Brodrück, observation is the main issue that art poses. Nobody will normally consider the design of clocks, but will only be interested in time. But now you will compare them, because you want to know if they're synchronized and if they are indeed alike. Also, you can't see them both at a single glance. You can see one hand make a jump, the other one you can only hear.

Brodrück did not give this work a title, that would only distract from the object and direct viewing and interpretation. Brodrück: "At the inauguration a member of the public asked about the title. Giving a work of art a title is a delicate matter. A title takes the viewer by the hand and directs his observation. If for example the title would be 'Balloons', then the theme of the work would be something like 'Time flies'. Had it been called 'Civil Servant', then the work would remind us of the fact that every day it will be 5 o'clock."

Brodrück studied architecture at TU/e and then moved on to the Jan van Eijk Academy of Art at Maastricht. He works as an independent artist and has been on the staff of the TU/e department of Architecture and Building Sciences since 1995.

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