Theo Dobbelman

'Compositie met gat' ('Composition with Hole') mid nineteen sixties


Location: Flux building

The ceramist, sculptor, graphic artist, draftsman and photographer Theo Dobbelman (1906 - 1984) studied chemistry at Fribourg (Switzerland) where he also gained his Phd. But in 1945 Dobbelman, the son of a soap manufacturer, quit commercial business to become an artist. He was not strongly influenced by the artistic currents of his time (abstract art, Cobra movement). Although Dobbelman created abstract sculptures at a later age, as this example in the TU/e collection illustrates, he was not an artistic innovator.

Specifically relevant was his work as manager of the experimental section at the Porceleyne Fles pottery firm of Delft. Here he experimented with new techniques and with design from 1956 onwards. His work contributed to the development of ceramics as an autonomous form of art.

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