Theo van der Nahmer

'Meisje met hoed' ('Girl with Hat'), 1949 - 1950


Location: Flux building

Despite its naturalistic form, 'Meisje met hoed' (1950) by Theo van der Nahmer is a delicate, but romanticized image. But the work is typical for Van der Nahmer, playing with light and dark.

Theo van der Nahmer (1917 - 1989) first studies at the Academy of Arts in Den Bosch. From 1938 - 1940 he studies the Academy of Arts at The Hague, where he continues to live and work. It is also where his best known statue stands, that of Eline Vere, the main character in the eponymous novel by Louis Couperus. Beside bronze statues he also makes gable stones, like the one in the post office at Dinteloord in the west of North Brabant province. Van der Nahmer is a traditional sculptor, staying true to his personal style and avoiding experimentation.

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