Tom van den Boomen


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The Vogelman ('Birdman') reminds you of a husk. A shelter in which someone may sit and watch something, without being seen. An intangible, autonomous sculpture. It may be compared to other works by Van den Boomen, that mainly make an impression, instead of referring to concrete reality, to a situation or to developments. Like when, for an outdoor exhibition in the woods of Valkenswaard, he placed an empty caravan, solitary and alienating. 

Van den Boomen (1944 - 2017) completed an evening course at the Eindhoven Academy of Industrial Design in 1970. He held an exhibition of his work at TU/e in 1986. Then already his works could be described as constructions from all kinds of (found) materials, rather than sculptures in the classical meaning. In this sense he also displays his artistic kinship to Gerrit van Bakel, with whom he was well acquainted..

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