Toon Slegers

'Haan' ('Cock', 1972)


Location: Helix Building, department of Chemical Engineering, staircase, floor 3

Do we regard a work of art differently as the name changes? When it was first put on display on the TU/e campus in 1967 the university news magazine TH-Berichten titled the statue 'Bird'. This later changed to 'Chicken', but the finally accepted name was 'Cock' (Dutch: 'Haan'). But of course it's not the name that gives Slegers' work its value, but the expressive power which he puts into it.

The sculptures by Toon Slegers (1929 - 2004) are usually craggy, asymmetrical stackings of forms that suggest dynamism. Works by Slegers, a self-educated artist, always have aspects of abstraction or are entirely abstract. Like for example the collossal statue named 'Expansie', which stands in front of the Eindhoven Rabo Bank. Still they are always well-balanced and seem to want to seperate from earth.

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