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'Een symbiose' ('A symbiosis'), 2001


Location: W-Laag building floor 1, near passageway to MF.

The stairway within the 'Symbiose' sculpture represents the two worlds that meet in Biomedical Technology (BMT): TU/e's technical sciences and the health science of Maastricht University.
Taking that symbiosis as a starting point, BMT develops new solutions for problems inside the human body. The seven steps represent the subdepartments of BMT: two at Maastricht and five at Eindhoven. The molecules, the balls to the right of the stair, symbolize the technology of biomolecular engineering, the main focus of BMT.

As a child, Hans van Eerd used to mold with marzipan - his father was a baker - and in the boyscouts he carved totem poles and medals from wood. He takes evening courses in sculpture at the Industrial Design Academy at Eindhoven, the Academy of Visual Arts at Tilburg and the Jan van Eyk Academy at Maastricht. Beside creating independent work and work on demand, he teaches for many years.

A little trick

Bronze statues were followed up by abstract forms, based on skulls and bones which he as a child had already collected from his home aviary. Later on he begins to mold, moving on to small statues in steel. "Those little figures were too much of a success" Van Eerd declares, "it was becoming a little trick. So I quit after two years".

In the nineteen eighties he shifts focus to 'Travel in time and space', referring to classis mythology. He creates figures with thin insect-like legs, bird-like heads and human looking bodies, in wood, paper or leather. Sizes vary from small to monumental.

Van Eerd quits his job as teacher at the Academy of Arts in 1999. He says: "I was being assigned ever more managing tasks and all I still saw were heads and gesticulating hands. Those I have now integrated into new sculptures. The heads rest on tables, they have no ears. They just hear themselves."

More works by Van Eerd may be found in Eindhoven, like the monument to the 1996 Hercules air disaster at Welschap airport and the Amnesty International monument on Wilhelmina Square. Hans van Eerd was also one of the founders of the Beeldenstorm artist workshop, that was located on the TU/e campus for many years.

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