Arend Bulder

'Uitkristalliseren' (Crystallization)  (1997)


Location: Helix, large lecture room, ground floor

Arend Bulder (1941) studies at the Arnhem Academy of Art, where he also teaches until 1985.

For this wall object now on display at TU/e, Bulder took 'crystal' and 'crystallization' as basic concepts. They refer to organic processes of growth, that only take place under certain conditions. But crystals from one bath always differ from one another in their way of growth and shape. For the artist that alludes to the teaching of students. He selected wooden basic elements, a steel frame, acrylic paint and coltron as materials.

'Uitkristalliseren' was paid for by the TU/e Association of Chemical Engineers and by the Art Commission. It was donated to the department of Chemical Engineering at the opening of the new building in 1997.