Daniel Göttin

NETWORK 11   (2001)

Location: Helix, ground floor, eastern wing

Daniel Göttin is an artist who often uses industrial materials to create his installations, sculptures and objects. On the one hand he works in the tradition of Minimal Art and Arte Povera, on the other in that of American constructivism. One of his teachers was the American artist Donald Judd, who collected some of his works for his museum.

Göttin regularly makes, often temporary, installations from tape. He guarantees a minimal lifespan of five years. After carefully studying and analyzing the space where his work is to be made, he adjusts his design to the specific local situation. For Helix he conceived a composition of lines that alludes among other things to molecular structures.

Göttin works mainly outside the Netherlands and his creations may be found in cities like Bern, Sydney, Edinburgh and New York. In our country he is best known for the installation he made at the Nederlandse Bank (the Dutch Central Bank) on the occasion of the retirement of its former president Wim Duisenberg.


Sculptures by Göttin