Gijs Frieling

‘16 covers + 1’

Muralist Gijs Frieling created a new work of art for the redeveloped Atlas building, titled '16 covers + 1'.  The basic idea were covers of scientific publications which Frieling painted on the walls of Atlas in large formats.  The covers were selected for their graphic quality.

Mr. Frieling's design appealed to the Art Commission because it deals directly with the way in which science illustrates research results with images.  Frieling focuses first of all on book covers of scientific publications.

The artist began by painting life-size murals throughout the entire building.  Frieling's approach is to accept the images he uses as a basis as they are, in the same way as Roy Lichtenstein did in Pop Art.  Where Lichtenstein focused on images from comic stories, Frieling focuses on the aesthetics of science.

Gijs Frieling came to attention earlier when he made his paintings in St. Bavo Cathedral at Haarlem.  In 2015 he painted the dome of the 12th century Old Church at Diever (Province of Drenthe).

Prof. dr. Bernard Colenbrander, chairman of the Art Commission, wrote this essay bout Gijs Frieling's work.

Furthermore, video footage was made of the artist and his assistants working on the project. Go to:


Photographs by Bart van Overbeeke