Lex Horn

Doorsnede Man (Cross Section of Man) and Doorsnede Vrouw (Cross Section of Woman), 1968


Location: Auditorium, vloer 0

Two months before his death in 1968 the glazier, painter, sculptor and print maker Lex Horn (1916) attended a meeting of the TU/e art commission for the first time. The summary he gave was food for thought: "It was a lively and intelligent conversation in which each word made sense. Still I felt increasingly alien to this environment and became more and more confused. What on earth were these people talking about? Oh yes, about art, certainly. Rejected sculptures were discussed in a not uncritical manner. But it was as if these people's hearts and feelings weren't in it. They sat there knowing and seeing a whole lot, but even their feelings seemed rationalized, subtly divided into sections and normalized."

But in the end all was well. TU/e purchased two wall hangings from Horn, which belonged to his best, later works. Because of their monumentality and richness of colour there is no doubt about their presence and visibility among the massive concrete edifices of the TU/e campus.

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