Wil Fruytier

"Bomen I' and 'Bomen II'  ('Trees I' and 'Trees II') 1967


Location: Auditorium, floor 0

Wil Fruytier van der Lande (1915 - 2007), whose main period of activity lies between 1950 and 1980, is generally recognized as one of the pioneers of Dutch textile art. Fruytier is instrumental in giving the wall tapestry an autonomous position in art, often with a spatial dimenstion added to it. Beside woven gobelins she makes internationally acclaimed patchwork quilts, which she displays at the Venice Biennale of 1961.

Wil Fruytier tries to avoid 'Anecdotal little pictures to hang on the wall like paintings'.  Most expressive therefore are her rope tapestries, like the one from 1968 that was acquired by TU/e in 1968. By using thick cables and the natural colours of the materials she makes her works so characterful that they have a strong presence even in the large, concrete-dominated spaces on the TU/e campus.

Geert van der Kerk donates a tapestry by Wil Fruytier to TU/e in 2005. It is an early work from the nineteen seventies. After being cleaned it is given a place in the IPO building, near the work 'Omhulsel' ('Wrapping') by M.C. Escher.

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