Ancillary activities regulations

At TU/e agreements have been made with full professors and other staff about informing management regarding ancillary activities. On the basis of clause 1.14 of the Netherlands Universities CLA, staff is obliged to officially report ancillary activities. In addition to this national regulation TU/e also has a TU/e specific agreement for her staff in place.

Additional agreements have been made with the Minister of Education, Culture and Science about the transparency of ancillary activities undertaken by full professors. As a result of this agreement all ancillary activities of TU/eā€™s full professors are listed on their personal detail page, which can be viewed in the TU/e employee database via ā€˜Search staffā€™. Each full professor is fully responsible for his or her data being up-to-date on the employee detail page.

TU/e takes the transparency of the ancillary activities in very seriously en has intensified the supervision on the ancillary activities. On a regular basis we examine the accuracy of the information displayed on the personal detail pages of TU/e staff. Furthermore the topic ancillary activities is a recurring component of the R&O annual reviews.