Codes of Conduct

A number of Codes of Conduct have been drawn up jointly by the universities in the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands), including TU/e, in relation to their education, research and governance. All the universities have committed themselves to comply with these codes. At the website of VSNU a list of these Codes of Conduct can be found.

Good Governance Code for Universities

All universities, including TU/e, place great value on the transparency of their governance and on clear accountability for that governance. They have therefore committed themselves to the Good Governance Code.

Further information about compliance with this code can be found in:

Code of Conduct with respect to international students

The Code of Conduct International Student in Dutch Higher Education guarantees the proper recruitment, selection and coaching of students from outside the European Union. One of its main goals is to help students obtain the correct visas and residence permits efficiently. The Code is an initiative of Dutch academic institutions, independent education-related organizations and the Dutch government. TU/e and other institutions who have signed this Code offer a fast and easy procedure for international students applying for an academic program in the Netherlands.

The institutions that have signed the Code comply with certain conditions. These include providing clear and accessible information on the status of programs in terms of accreditation, the criteria that the quality of the education must comply with and the internal procedures which guarantee this quality, as well as providing a description of the study programs and their admission requirements. A national committee supervises adherence to the Code.

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Any party concerned, believing that TU/e has not acted in accordance with the Code of Conduct, can lodge a petition with the National Commission in writing. More information about the complaints procedure can be found here

For more information visit website

Code of Conduct on Private Relationships at Work

The Code of Conduct on Private Relationships at Work provides all TU/e employees with information on how to deal with an overlap between professional and private relationships. The right to privacy and free choice of partner is always respected. However, employees who have a professional and a (developing) private relationship, are expected to always act professionally and objectively and to be aware of the integrity risks that this private relationship may entail.  

The Code of Conduct on Openness in Animal Experiments has been drawn up to put into practice the broadly supported view in society that openness on scientific research with animals is desirable and necessary.

Animal experiments at TU/e fall under the responsibility of the Animal Experiments Center (‘Centrale Proefdiervoorziening’) of Maastricht University. For more information, including the Annual Report on Animal Experiments, please see the website of the Animal Experiments Committee (‘Dier Experimenten Commissie’) of Maastricht University.