Reporting irregularities

Irregularities include a serious criminal offence, a serious violation of regulations, misleading the auditor appointed by the university, a major danger to public health, safety or the environment, or deliberately withholding information about the above-mentioned facts.

Procedure for reporting irregularities

The TU/e has drawn up this Regulations for reporting irregularities in order to contribute the integrity, transparency and good governance of the organization.

If employees or students wish to report suspected irregularities, they can follow the procedure set out in these regulations. The basic principle here is that all employees and students of the university must feel free to report irregularities.

The regulation also describes which irregularities are involved and who you should contact to report your suspicions.

Confidential advisors and committee for reporting irregularities

The TU/e has appointed both internal and external confidential advisors for undesirable behavior and irregularities. They help students and employees who consider to report an irregularity, and where applicable to advise on further steps to be taken. They can also provide follow-up support if required.

There is also a committee for reporting irregularities (TU/e integrity committee) whose task is to investigate suspected irregularities and to advise the Executive Board accordingly.

Internal confidential advisors for undesirable behavior and irregularities:

Mr. Hjalmar H.C.J. Mulders
Working days: Monday through Friday 
Phone: 040 247 4509

Ms. H.A.M. (Henny) van Alphen
Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 
Phone: 040 247 4097

External confidential advisor for undesirable behavior and irregularities: 

Mr. Aad Schoenmakers
Phone number: 06 46052901

Mrs. Regina Nieboer
Phone number: 06 23707026

Committee for reporting irregularities:

External chairman: Mr. J.M. (Hans) Groot (Mr. J.P. de Jong is deputy chairman until November 30, 2023)
Members: mw. mr. E.B.M.H. (Esther) de Brouwer, mw. C. (Christine) de Graaff-Lijzenga
Deputy Members: mw. prof. dr. T. (Tanja) Lange, mw. C.A. (Claudine) Hulsman-Paul, de heer dr. O. (Oded) Raz.
Secretary: mw. mr. M.E. (Marlies) Kerssemakers-Anthonissen
Phone: 040-247 2034

The TU/e also offers the possibility to report anonymously. More information can be found on the intranet.