Reporting irregularities

The Executive Board of Eindhoven University of Technology regards it is important that the university has a ‘whistleblower procedure’ in accordance with the Good Governance Code for Universities.

Procedure for reporting irregularities

TU/e has drawn up this procedure for reporting misconduct or other irregularities within the university, to contribute to the integrity, transparency and good governance of the organization. 


The procedure provides a clearly defined way for staff or students to report suspected misconduct. The basic principle is that all staff and students at the university, as well as others, must feel freely able to report irregularities. The procedure further describes the different types of misconduct or irregularities, and to whom suspicions of such situations may be reported.

Complaints committee and confidential advisors

TU/e has appointed a complaints committee to assess reported complaints. In addition, two confidential advisors have been appointed to serve as contact persons for anyone who is considering making a complaint, and where applicable to advise on further steps to be taken. They can also provide follow-up support if required.

The confidential advisors are:

Mw.drs. J.M. (Judith) Beenhakker
Tel.: 040 247 4535

Mrs. M.M. van de Bosch-Doreleijers           
Tel.: 040 247 3475

The secretary of the complaints committee is:

Mrs. mr. M.E. Kerssemakers-Anthonissen 
Tel.: 040 247 2034