Undesirable behaviour

By undesirable behavior is meant (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, intimidation, bullying and discrimination.

Code of conduct and complaints procedure

The TU/e has drawn up the TU/e code of conduct for undesirable behavior to help prevent such inappropriate behavior. Should you, as an employee or student, come across any form of undesirable behavior, please contact one of the confidential advisors for undesirable behavior immediately or consult the TU/e complaints procedure for undesirable behavior.

Confidential advisors and complaints committee for undesirable behavior

The TU/e has appointed both internal and external confidential advisors for undesirable behavior and irregularities. They assist students and staff who are confronted with inappropriate behavior and help them to find a way to end the undesirable behavior.

If necessary, they can also help you to file a formal complaint with the complaints committee for undesirable behavior.

Internal confidential advisors for undesirable behavior and irregularities:

Mr. dr. ir. H.C.J. (Hjalmar) Mulders
Working days: Monday through Friday 
Phone: 040 247 4509
E-mail: h.c.j.mulders@tue.nl

Ms. ir. H.A.M. (Henny) van Alphen
Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 
Phone: 040 247 4097
E-mail: h.a.m.v.alphen@tue.nl

External confidential advisor for undesirable behavior and irregularities:

Mr. Aad Schoenmakers
Phone number: 06 46052901
E-mail: info@mensenwerkcoaching.nl

Mrs. Regina Nieboer
Phone number: 06 23707026
E-mail: vertrouwenspersoon@reginanieboer.nl

Complaints committee for undesirable behavior:

External chairman: Ms. mr. M.J.W. (Margriet) Drent MBA
Deputy members: Ms. R. (Roberta) De Franco PhD, Mr dr.ir. J. (Job) Beckers and Mr dr. A. (Alberto) Ravagnani
Secretary: Ms. mr. M.E. (Marlies) Kerssemakers-Anthonissen
Phone: 040 247 2034
E-mail: m.e.kerssemakers@tue.nl

The TU/e also offers the possibility to report anonymously through the TU/e SpeakUp Line. More information can be found on the intranet.