Work-related psychosocial stress

Work-related psychosocial stress can be caused by factors in the working situation including sexual intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying, discrimination and pressure of work.

Code of conduct and complaints procedure

The TU/e code of conduct for work-related psychosocial stressand the TU/e complaints procedure for work-related psychosocial stress have been drawn up to help prevent this kind of inappropriate behavior.

Confidential advisors and complaints committee

TU/e has appointed two confidential advisors to support students and staff faced with this kind of inappropriate behavior in seeking a solution and if necessary submitting a formal complaint.

The confidential advisors are:

Mw. drs. J.M. (Judith) Beenhakker
Tel.: 040 247 4535

Mrs. M.M. van de Bosch-Doreleijers           
Tel.: 040 247 3475

The secretary of the complaints committee is:

Mrs. mr. M.E. (Marlies) Kerssemakers-Anthonissen
Tel.: 040 247 2034