Teacher story

“The Teacher Support team made the whole process painless”

Jasper Foolen, teacher

“Teacher Support have been amazing in helping me modernize my exams. With the Cirrus assessment software, students get a dongle for their laptop that provides a secure environment, blocking access to the internet or files. Of course, you can imagine all the things that can go wrong: software crashes, issues with the built-in calculator, laptops forgotten or not checked for compatibility ahead of time.”

“The Teacher Support team provided excellent support during the setup process and collaborated with ESA Educational Logistics who provided support during the exam, rebooting crashed software, lending laptops to students and showing them how to do things. In the course evaluation, I got no complaints at all about the examination method. In 10 years, I’m sure all exams will be held like this.”

Tips and tricks

“Get in touch with Teacher Support if there is anything you want to do. They can get you started, have excellent checklists and will offer you ICT support whenever you need it. The process was painless from start to finish.”