What is Canvas?

Canvas is the TU/e Learning Management System. It is an online environment for course materials – project groups, assignments, quizzes, and more – that complements face to face education.

How does it work?

Courses within Canvas are created by the program administration. Teachers then fill the courses with materials and information, and registered students get access once the course period starts.

Why would I want to use Canvas?

Do any of the following points apply? Then it is worth taking a look at Canvas.

  • I want a better way to share course information with my students than email
  • I want my students to always be able to find the study guide and other relevant materials
  • I want a central place for my students to send assignments
  • I want to make my entire course digital
  • I want my students to be more prepared when they come to lectures
  • I want to offer practice quizzes
  • I want an easy way to get discussion going among students

How do I use Canvas most effectively?

The main benefit of Canvas is the clarity and organization it offers. Some tips:

  1. Make a clear home page for your course. With contact information, learning goals and a course summary. Students need to be able to tell at a glance where they are and what the goal is.
  2. Split your course into modules and organize your course materials per module. This makes it easier for students to find the relevant information.
  3. Have students submit course assignments in Canvas. You will have all the assignments in one place and you can use the functionalities for peer review and plagiarism checking to make your life easier.
  4. Have fun with it!

What support is available?

There is an extensive FAQ section to help you find your way through the main functions of Canvas. Most features are fairly simple to master. For the extended functionalities, such as videoconferencing and discussion forums, you are always welcome to approach the Teacher Support officer in your department or call the ESA helpdesk.