Feedback Fruits

What is Feedback Fruits?

Enrich the possibilities of your study materials with the FeedbackFruits plugins for Canvas. You can use it to add interactive moments to videos, and documents, including PDF, Word files and YouTube videos.

How does it work?

FeedbackFruits is a perfect way to activate and engage your students. Answers to quiz questions in self-study documents and videos are gathered online. You can even make answering questions mandatory before moving to the next part of a document or video.

Some tasks, like reading papers, can be very passive. Quiz questions, such as analyzing a flaw or strong point, make it easier to read a paper attentively.

Why would I want to use interactive presentations, documents and videos?

If any of the following points apply to you, you might like FeedbackFruits!

  • I want to engage my students
  • I want to motivate students to interact more about the subject matter
  • I want to get feedback from students quickly
  • I want to prepare my lectures around concepts I know my students struggle with
  • I want to know in which topics my students are succeeding or struggling
  • I want to foster discussion among students and learn what they think

How do I effectively use these tools?

The most important factor is to give very clear instructions. What do you want students to do? For example: “Post at least one discussion topic with 1 pro and 1 con for XXX theory, and respond to at least two classmates to tell them why you agree or disagree with their statements.”

Save your students from cognitive overload by telling them what they need to focus on. There is a difference, for example, between finding one good thing about a paper or one bad thing.

It is also important to make online interactions safe and encouraging – ask for constructive peer feedback only and remind them there are no stupid questions.

Getting started with Feedback Fruits

FeedbackFruits is available on request. Send an email to Teacher Support and we will get you started. Then just explore and play! Enjoy it.