What is it?
With Mentimeter you can build interactive presentations with an easy-to-use online editor, directly from your browser. Add questions, polls, quizzes, slides, images, GIFs and more to your presentation to make them more engaging and fun.

How does it work?
When you present, your audience uses their smartphones or laptops to connect to the presentations where they can answer questions, give feedback and much more. Their responses are visualized in real-time, creating a unique and interactive experience. Once your Mentimeter presentation is over, you can share and export your results for further analysis.

Key features

  • Build beautiful interactive presentations in the presentation builder.
  • Interactive question types including word clouds and quiz.
  • Build entire presentations quickly and easily with Content Slides.
  • Select from different presentation themes or build your own.
  • Integrated with free stock image and GIF libraries.
  • Collect polls, data and opinions from participants using smart devices.
  • Easy-to-use presenter mode.
  • The audience interacts anonymously with a smart device.
  • Use the Mentimote to moderate and control presentations.
  • Enable profanity filters in multiple languages
  • Get insights on participants with trends and data export.
  • Export data in a PDF or Excel file.
  • Compare data over time with Trends.
  • Segment response to get deeper insights.
  • Collect feedback via surveys

Popular Mentimeter questions types
Word Clouds
Create live Word Clouds that emphasize the most popular words submitted by your audience. Use this question type in the classroom, meetings or training to show the answers in visualisations that are guaranteed to wow your audience.

Multiple Choice
Collects answers, thoughts, opinions and data with simple multiple-choice questions. Use in a live setting or part of a survey to really listen to your participants. Add images and gifs to your questions for an extra element of engagement.

Fun Quizzes
Use the quiz competition feature to test knowledge, raise the energy in the room and have fun. Create a quiz from scratch by just adding your questions, or use one of our templates to get started!

Show your audience that you’re really listening and allow them to ask questions and answer them whenever you want. The audience can upvote other participant’s questions and you can use moderation features to stay in control.

Why would I want to use Mentimeter?

  • You can engage with all everyone in your audience simultaneously. Regardless of where they are located, how many they are or if they are a bit more shy or anxious - everyone's given a voice. Everyone's heard in an anonymous and safe way.
  • You can present content and ask questions, hold various exercises, seek feedback, brainstorm, prioritise, understand experiences, needs and emotions, etc.
  • Anonymity draws out even the shyest participants and makes the most hesitant people talk. Being able to interact anonymously makes people feel more inclined to participate and make their contributions more honest
  • Mentimeter is suitable for both synchronous & asynchronous sessions. You can engage with your audience during live sessions or send them Mentimeter surveys prior to, after a session or just to collect their feedback or get to know their existing knowledge better.
  • It can be used as a learning tool - the contributions of all participants within a session provide an effective forum for dialogue and debate
  • It can be used as an evaluation tool, as it provides means for assessing the progress of learning before, during and after sessions. Mentimeter can also help you assess your own skills and improve your sessions and teaching approaches
  • Mentimeter will help you reach beyond attendance to meaningful presence and participation by breaking the static of “sitting there and listening”.

Few use case examples

  • Release a Mentimeter Audience Pace survey prior to a session to collect questions, expectations and to see where your audience stands on a specific topic
  • Use the Multiple Choice question type as an icebreaker, to get to know your audience (or for them to get to know you!) or to get quick feedback on the existing knowledge or preferences
  • Use the WordCloud question type when a discussion can be based on keywords or to check how your audience is doing
  • Use Mentimeter for feedback with the Scales question type - ask your audience to assess their experiences and/or rate their disagreement/agreement or disapproval/approval of various statements
  • Use the Ranking question type to rank and prioritize the flow of a session, areas for improvement or those that you need to focus on more specifically
  • Use the Open Ended question type to ask for opinions, thoughts and feedback in a free text. You can even use it just for appreciation and praise and to boost the sense of belonging!