What is livestreaming?

Livestreaming is transmitting a video stream of your lecture through a secure channel over the internet at the exact moment your lecture takes place. Students can sign in to the livestream from anywhere – at home, in other classrooms, or in small study groups. Livestreamed lectures are also available afterwards, as recordings.

How does livestreaming work?

Lectures for livestreaming need to be held in lecture halls with video capacity: a control room with equipment and cameras and student assistants to operate them.

Livestreaming allows students to attend lectures their own way (for instance, if they want to take notes on their laptops for a class where the teacher does not allow laptops) while still staying in the course rhythm. Video lectures, which you can only watch after the assigned time, are much more taxing to self-discipline.

Students who watch livestreams report being very happy with them. The number of students watching a livestreamed lecture depends on the subject matter, whether students have prior knowledge about the topic, and so on.

Why would I want to livestream my lecture?

Do any of the following points apply to you? Then you are eligible for livestreaming and Teacher Support will contact.

  • According to scheduling, I have more students than fit in my lecture hall
  • My lectures are scheduled in the evening

How do I effectively livestream my lecture?

Teacher Support will visit you for an intake. We will discuss your course outline, whiteboard use, and anything else that may look different on video. This is how your operators get to know you and your teaching style. Teacher Support will also introduce you to the people who will support you with the technical aspects of livestreaming.

Once you start livestreaming, make sure to ask your students about it during the course evaluation. We will help you with this process. This is important feedback not just for you, but also for Teacher Support.

Getting started with livestreaming

Right now, livestreaming in one of the 8 video-capable classrooms is only available for classes that have classroom capacity issues or are scheduled in the evening. If you are eligible, Teacher Support will get you started.