Pencasts (document viewer)


The document viewer is a tool with which you can record your pencasts. Pencasts can be very useful if you want to create instructions that contain formulas, models or drawings. Pencasts are videos that combine your handwritten notes with audio. In a pencast you can provide an explanation or explain a concept on paper. This is recorded directly by the document viewer’s camera. Through your laptop’s microphone, or an external microphone, you can record your voice at the same time. This allows you to guide your students as you go through the explanation. The document viewer is portable so that you can make your pencast at home or in the office.



There are several reasons to make a pencast:

  • A pencast is suitable for topics that include drawings, models and formulas.
  • You can use pencasts to make your course blended. Students can for example view the pencast prior to attending the lecture. In that way there is more time for discussion, interaction and applying the knowledge during the live lecture.
  • Students can use the pencast after a lecture as extra study material and to prepare for an exam.
  • A pencast offers the possibility for students to learn time and place independent


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