Teacher story

“Teaching perspective drawing from different perspectives”

Hélène Aarts

“I teach drawing, so pencast allows me to show what I’m doing while drawing. Students can watch my videos at home, to practice difficult concepts, like perspective, before they come to class. I can then use my lectures to teach more interesting, complex examples. And because I made the videos myself, I know my students are practicing the right things!”

“The students were very enthusiastic. My videos are a combination of drawing on paper (the pencast) and footage of me observing the object I’m drawing. We had to do a lot of experimenting with lighting, angles and scripts, but I am eager to get more funding and do more videos – I really loved doing it and the Teacher Support team was amazing.”

Tips and tricks

“This is an excellent opportunity to review your courses and think about their structure. Experiment, try things! Don’t just do what you do in class.”