Teacher story

“My lectures have become better and more interactive”

Emiel van Berkum

“I started recording video lectures for a course that we were already streaming to another lecture hall. One great advantage of the recordings is that only the really motivated students now attend lectures. The rest just watch the video at a later time. That makes the lectures better and more interactive, especially for courses with hundreds of participants. It also makes my teaching better – there are fewer distractions and when one student asks a question, I can take the time because the others are also interested.”

Tips and tricks

“Take the short introductory course that will teach you what to pay attention to: looking into the camera, not moving too much, thinking about how you want to use the blackboard, etc. It is important to make sure your slides are suitable for video. I also recommend using a Smartboard – I started using it for my video lectures and now use it all the time.”