Directors Support Services

  • Director of the Communication Expertise Center (CEC)
    Drs. L. (Leddie) Valstar (ad interim)
  • Director of General Affairs (GA)
    Dr. S.W.H. (Susanne) van Weelden
  • Director of Finance and Control (FC)
    Drs. R.M.A. (Ruud) van de Donk
  • Director of Real Estate (RE)
    Ir. D.B. (Dorine) Peters-van Dommelen 
  • Director Facility Management Center (FMC)
    Ir. D.B. (Dorine) Peters-van Dommelen (ad interim)
  • Director of Human Resources Management (HRM)
    Mr. M. (Mariska) Brzözek
  • Director of Equipment and Prototype Center (EPC)
    Ir. W.P.C. (Wim) Peters
  • Director of Information Management Services (IMS) / Directeur ICT Servicebedrijf
    Ir. B.A.R. (Bart) Luijten
  • Director of Data Management and Library (DML)
    Dr. W.R. (Wim) Koppers (ad interim)
  • Director of the Education and Student Affairs (ESA)
    Drs. P.D.M. (Patrick) Groothuis
  • Director of the Innovation Lab (IL)
    S.J.W. Vos-Poppelaars