General PhD-EngD Council TU/e

The General PhD-EngD Council consists of several PhD candidates and EngD trainees who represent the PhD candidates and EngD trainees that are educated at TU/e.

Three to four times a year, they have discussions with the Rector Magnificus and the Dean of the Graduate School about items that are relevant for PhD candidates and EngD trainees.

Departmental PhDCouncils are currently being created, as well.

You can reach the members of the Council via mail:

Members of the Council (with their department) are:

  • Steven Beumer - Electrical Engineering
  • Yorick Spenrath - Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Aravind Ravi - Mechanical Engineering
  • Tara Schmitz - Biomedical Engineering
  • Waqas Khan - Built Environment
  • Elwira Halgas - Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
  • Victoriya Korshunova - Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences
  • Vacancy - EngD representative
  • Bart van den Bersselaar - Chemical Engineering
  • Twan Wilting - Applied Physics
  • Mayra Goevaerts - Industrial Design

Secretary of the Council is Laurie Baggen