General PhD Council

The General PhD Council is a platform for all PhD candidates at TU/e. It is composed of members from the departmental PhD Councils, ensuring that each department is represented in the General PhD Council. Four times a year, the General PhD Council meets with the Dean of the Graduate School to discuss any topics that are relevant for PhD candidates.

Current members of the General PhD Council:

  • Joost Maas Applied Physics
  • Emil Rijcken JADS
  • Daisy O'Neill Industrial Design
  • Srinivasan Gopalan Built Environment
  • Alessia Aulitto Mechanical Engineering
  • Simon Belgers Innovation Sciences
  • Nathan van Beusekom Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Elwira Halgas Industrial Engineering
  • Steven Beumer Electrical Engineering
  • Bart van den Bersselaar Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
  • Tara Schmitz Biomedical Engineering
  • Yorick Spenrath Nexus
  • Max van Mulken Nexus

Secretary of the General PhD Council is Laurie Baggen.
You can reach the members of the Council via mail:

Departmental PhD Councils (or in some departments, a combined PhD-EngD Council) can be contacted through each department’s intranet pages.