Upcoming PhD defense ceremonies

Engineered cardiac microenvironments based on supramolecular biomaterials

Sergio Spaans (Faculteit Biomedische Technologie)

Feedback insensitive integrated semiconductor laser

Perry van Schaijk (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Segmentation of panels in D-comics

Xinwei Wang (Faculteit Industrial Design)

Environmental stimuli for controlled bone tissue engineering applications

Johanna Melke (Faculteit Biomedische Technologie)

Process mining with streaming data

Bas van Zelst (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Modelling and analysis of multi-scale streaming applications

Seyedhadi Seyedalizadeh Ara (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

The users'value of business center concepts for knowledge sharing and networking behavior within and between organizations

Minou Weijs - Perrée (Faculteit Bouwkunde)

A sustainable industrial site redevelopment planning support system

Planning support system helps to sustainably redevelop industrial sites

Tong Wang (Faculteit Bouwkunde)

Efficient storage and retrieval of detailed building models : multi-disciplinary and long-term use of geomotric and semantic construction information

Thomas Krijnen (Faculteit Bouwkunde)

Bottom-up grown InSb nanowire quantum devices

Sasa Gazibegovic (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)