Completed PhD projects

Dependable wireless sensor networks for in-vehicle applications

Rasool Tavakoli Najafabadi (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging of perfusion in skin and skeletal muscle

Doorbloeding goed van buiten te bekijken middels licht en geluid

Maarten Heres (Faculteit Biomedische Technologie)

Atomic layer deposition for 2-D materials beyond graphene

Akhil Sharma (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

Metal-support interactions in Pd/CeO2 for environmetal catalysis

Increasing the contact between palladium and cerium oxide for a cleaner environment

Giulia Spezzati (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Intelligence in an office lighting system

Xin Wang (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Remote Photoplethysmography in Infrared - Towards Contactless Sleep Monitoring

Mark van Gastel (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Tandem, triple and quadruple junction polymer solar cells

Dario Di Carlo Rasi (Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie)

Personalized persuasion to increase acceptance of automated driving

Hanneke Hooft van Huysduynen (Faculteit Industrial Design)

NMR imaging of curing of alkyds and moisture transport through coatings on wood

Özlem Gezici - Koç (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

The impact of voltage-source-converters' control on the power system : the stability analysis of a power electronics dominant grid

Yin Sun (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Frobenius flocks and algebraicity of matroids

Guus Bollen (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Multi-wavelength photoacoustic imaging of the atherosclerotic carotid artery

a preclinical feasibility study

Ümit Arabul (Faculteit Biomedische Technologie)

Hierarchical process mining for scalable software analysis

Analyzing Software Based on Real Execution Data

Maikel Leemans (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Faster algorithms for geometric clustering and competitive facility-location problems

Calculating where to put supermarkets to attract as many clients as possible

Mehran Mehr (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Investigation of the impact of EHV underground power cables on the resonant and transient grid behavior

Fani Barakou (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Interactive visualization of event logs for cybersecurity

Hidden cyber threats revealed with new visualization software Eventpad

Bram Cappers (Faculteit Wiskunde & Informatica)

Atmospheric pressure plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition of silica : understanding the role of the local deposition rate in the surface and film morphology

Understanding flexible moisture barrier layers

Anna Meshkova (Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde)

Heading in the right direction : guiding cellular alignment by substrate anisotropy

Energie en entropie sturen cellen in de zelfde richting

Gitta Buskermolen (Faculteit Biomedische Technologie)

Modular specification and design exploration for flexible manufacturing systems

Joao Nogueira Bastos (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)

Flexile high-voltage connectivity for medium vacuum up to ambient pressure

Alexander Driessen (Faculteit Electrical Engineering)