Reserve a defense location

The university has one defense location: Senaatszaal in building Auditorium.
Defense ceremonies start at 11:00 hrs, 13:30 hrs or 16.00 hrs.

It's always possible to apply for the available defense dates on forehand (before you have submitted the form 1), by sending an email to

In general, defense ceremonies take place at least 5 months after the form 1 is handed in at our office. Please notice that the dates have restricted availability, so they are available only at that moment. Available dates are therefore given for the period of 1 month. There will be no defense ceremonies on Fridays due to inaugural and validictory lectures.

A booking for a defense location can be made if:

  • The form 1 is handed in;
  • The defense date is approved by all members of the doctorate committee;
  • The defense date is approved by thedean.

For a booking you mention in your request if you have met with the above mentioned requirements. Booking requests or questions about availability can only be send per email, to
When the date is still available we will reserve the date for you and confirm this per email to you, including the time and locatie (no confirmation email means no date reservation!).

More information is available in the Information brochure for doctoral candidates.