Enabling excellence in education, research, impact, and leadership

Recognition and Rewards

In late 2019 the Dutch public knowledge institutes and research funds published a position paper which argues that the system of recognizing and appreciating academics is in need of modernization. One of the authors was Rector Magnificus Frank Baaijens. For many years, research performance has determined the career path of academics, but this dominance is increasingly starting to crack. After all, education and impact are also determinants of the success of a modern knowledge institute. New developments related to Open Access and Open Science also place different demands on today’s academics. In addition, the tackling of complex academic and societal issues requires greater collaboration between academics, which in turn requires different skills.

At the moment, there is often little diversity in the career prospects of employees, such as for an employee who - in addition to good research - excels in teaching and receives (inter)national recognition for this. A questionnaire conducted in 2019 among the academic staff at TU/e (Teaching Cultures Survey) showed that they recognize this. Many were of the opinion that teaching should become a more important criterion for promotion.

Recognition and Rewards at TU/e

The aim of Recognition & Rewards at TU/e is to enable excellence in education, research, impact, and leadership

The means to achieve this include:

  1. Enable diversified and dynamic career paths driven by the core competences research and education
  2. Focusing on rewarding quality over quantity 
  3. Achieving balance between individuals and collective (team science)
  4. Stimulating open science 
  5. Stimulating academic leadership, dedicated to inclusivity, talent development and a safe and trusting working environment  

TU/e Vision on Recognition and Rewards

In the period 2020-2022 a task force consisting of junior, mid-career, and senior scientific staff and HR worked on a TU/e vision that is the starting point for the new academic staff personnel policy. The foundations of the vision were presented and discussed via online dialogue sessions with 150 assistant, associate and full professors in the spring of 2021. The vision was then made into a preliminary development matrix and a biographical sketch which was discussed several times with the task force, Eindhoven Young Academy of Engineering, the deans, and the interdepartmental committees. From September 2022 onwards a pilot with the development matrix and the biographical sketch will be held in the departments AP, IE&IS, and ME.

Rector Frank Baaijens on Recognition and Rewards

“I hope, in the future, that it will be less about ‘me’ and more about ‘we’. That we create a situation that people are focused on personal growth of the people they supervise and coach, that there is a system where new ideas can be formulated and we can make use of the talents individuals have.” In this video, our rector Frank Baaijens explains his vision on the Recognition and Rewards program and the element of excellence.

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