Products and Services

Data Management and Library develops quality customer-oriented services supporting the Research, Education and Administrative Communities at TU/e:

  • An extensive and up-to-date collection of scientific information in both digital and printed form
  • (Scientific) information services for students, researchers and teachers
  • Information skills in different levels / a modern library in a new building (MetaForum)
  • An interactive study environment
  • Storage and management of the results of scientific research
  • The (digital) archive of the TU/e
  • Management and enhancement of the cultural heritage of the TU/e
  • (Co) developing systems in the field of information

Advice on search, retrieval and storage
Many of our products and services are aimed at searching, finding and storing information. We advise and assist the processes involved in the transformation of analogue to digital information services.
More information for staff members may be found on the intranet.