Education and Student Affairs

The service Education and Student Affairs (ESA) is the central point at the TU/e where students, designers, PhD students and staff receive a variety of services in the field of education.  ESA is also responsible for policy preparation and policy implementation in the field of education, internationalization, quality assurance and accreditation, and it supports both the Executive Board and the faculties.


Key education support services include:

  • All administrative processes for education and students;
  • Teacher Support;
  • Registration and deregistration of national and international students;
  • Payment, administration and information on tuition, notebooks;
  • Student Financial Aid, scholarships and graduate fund management;
  • Organization of the Introduction week for Bachelor and the Master Kick-off for Masters students;
  • Admission, visa, housing and introduction of international students;
  • Training courses for study skills, study choice, intercultural communication and social & communicative skills;
  • Assistance with study-related questions;
  • Career Counselling and TU/e Career Academy;
  • Language courses English and Dutch;
  • Complaining office;
  • Drafting contracts, regulations and rules in the field of education;
  • International Relations Office;
  • Tactical and operational education policy.


ESA can be contacted via email and by phone + 31 40 247 4747. For handing in or certifying documents the ESA service desk in MetaForum can be visited on weekdays between 12:00 and 14:00. We are happy to help you. Here is the contact information you need.