Friction Meter L.F.A. (Lateral Force Apparatus)


Research group CEM, Polymer Technology, Professor H. Meijer, PhD, department of Mechanical Engineering TU/e.


The L.F.A. enables the friction force to be measured for a regulated normal force.
The sample is moved in a controlled fashion over a maximum travel of 4 mm, whereby the speed profile can be programmed. The motion mechanism is regulated via a high-end digital controller (Dspace) programmed using a graphical programming method (Matlab/Simulink).
Both forces are measured by an optical distance meter in combination with a calibrated spring packet.

The normal force is regulated by an analog controller in combination with a piezo-drive and can be modulated by an external generator. Data registration is effected by a separate PC and a data aquisition adapter. 



  • Displacement: max 4 mm
  • Speed: 10 nm/s - 1 mm/s
  • Force range: micoNewtons, depending on spring packet