Plasma Deposition Solar Cells


C.D. Bissell Engineering Ltd. (UK)


The RF-PECVD installation comprises a Load Lock and two Process Chambers. The Process Chambers are loaded by the Load Lock using a magnetic rod. The Process Chambers can be batch-processed independent of each other. The plasma is generated by an RF source. The aim of this experiment is to optimize at lab scale the manufacturing process and efficiency of solar cells. To this end the installation has various analysis ports and set-up options to monitor and optimize the process.


  • Load lock end pressure 1 x 10-5 mbar or better
  • Process Chamber 1 x 10-7 mbar or better
  • Gas dosage system using 2 x 6 Mass Flow Controllers
  • Automatic height adjustment RF electrode
  • Automatic pressure control with throttle valve
  • Industrial Siemens PLC controller, InTouch Proces Control Visualisation, Remote log-in for maintenance and service.
  • Plasma arc power consists of two RF Powerunits 13.56 Mhz 300W with matching unit.