Synthesis of mOLecules from plAsma produced Radicals Interacting with Surfaces (SOLARIS)


Research group Plasma & Materials Processing (P&MP), Professor R. van de Sanden, PhD, department Applied Physics TU/e.


Reactor where all the conditions are created to produce a PLASMA (gas discharge or ionized gas). The research focuses on the behaviour of a PLASMA when it comes into contact with different surfaces.

The set-up is controlled and visualized by a modern PLC controller and HMI (Human Machine Interface) Visualization software.
The following is controlled, secured, measured and automated: gas flows, pressures, temperatures, heating, cooling and vacuum pump control.


  • Industrial Siemens PLC controller with "InTouch" Proces Control Visualization, including Historical data logging and Trending
  • Plasma arc power 500V * 100A