Design Touch Matters: Bending and Stretching the Potentials of Smart Material Composites

Bahareh Barati

Tuesday January 01, 2019

Modeling water oxidation at photoanodes

A multiscale approach

Kiran George

Friday October 16, 2020

Learning Invariant Representations of Images for Computational Pathology

Maxime Lafarge

Monday February 15, 2021

Designed Micro-and Nano-Compartmented Factories for ChemBio Cascade Reactionsin a ONE-FLOW Process

Chenyue Zhang

Thursday February 25, 2021

Protein-engineered Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus-like particles as a drug delivery platform

Daan Franciscus Mathijs Vervoort

Friday April 23, 2021

Channel Modeling and Machine Learning for Nonlinear Fiber Optics

Vinicius Oliari Couto Dias

Wednesday January 19, 2022

Numerical Modelling of Metal Soap Formation in Historical Oil Paintings

Gerardus Johannus Anna Maria Eumelen

Thursday September 08, 2022

Nanosized zeolites directed by easily accessible non-surfactant diquats: synthesis, crystallization mechanism and catalytic applications

Shaojie Li

Thursday September 08, 2022

The rise and transformative impacts of community-driven smart grid experiments

The case of the community-based Virtual Power Plant

Luc van Summeren

Thursday October 20, 2022

Towards integrated magneto-photonic devices for all-optical reading of non-volatile memories

Figen Ece Demirer

Thursday December 01, 2022