System based thermo-acoustic design of central heating equipment

Mohammad Kojourimanesh

Tuesday November 29, 2022

Vocational teachers' integrated language teaching

On the role of language awareness and related teaching behaviour

Elisabeth Wildeman

Wednesday November 30, 2022

Increasing awareness of urban cultural heritage using digital technologies

Empirical design and analysis of a new multi-media web platform

Benshuo Wang

Wednesday November 30, 2022

Work Schedule Arrangements in Two-Adult Households with Children

Bilin Han

Wednesday November 30, 2022

Towards integrated magneto-photonic devices for all-optical reading of non-volatile memories

Figen Ece Demirer

Thursday December 01, 2022

Fine-Grained Parameterized Complexity of Scheduling and Sequencing Problems

CĂ©line Maria Francisca Swennenhuis

Friday December 02, 2022

Particle flow analysis for multi-material 3D food printing

Dolf Jaap Klomp

Tuesday December 06, 2022

Responsibilities in a Datafied Health Environment

Chirag Arora

Tuesday December 06, 2022

Motility in Structured Liquid Crystal Polymers

Roel Johannes Hubertus van Raak

Wednesday December 07, 2022

Quick as a flick

All-optical control over ultrafast magnetization writing and spin transport

Youri Louis Winandus van Hees

Wednesday December 07, 2022