Reconstructing living tissue organization

A bottom-up bio-engineering approach with a focus on the corneal stroma

Cas van der Putten

Thursday February 16, 2023

In situ PU-based characterization of sound absorbing materials for room acoustic modeling purposes

Baltazar Guy Jean Briere de la Hosseraye

Friday February 17, 2023

Stabilisation for varieties in polynomial functors

Alessandro Danelon

Friday February 17, 2023

Development of membrane diagnostics and novel porous materials for next generation redox flow batteries

Rémy Richard Jacquemond

Tuesday February 21, 2023

Functional Block Molecules with Nanoscale Order

Martinus Henricus Cornelius van Son

Friday February 24, 2023

Magnetodynamic Modeling Frameworks Applied to Hysteretic Ferromagnetic Devices

Development and Experimental Verification of Magnetic Loss Models for High-Speed Electric Drives

Reza Zeinali

Friday February 24, 2023

Decoding type I interferon response dynamics using microfluidics and modeling

Laura Van Eyndhoven

Friday March 03, 2023

Optimization of Cell-Aware Test

Zhan Gao

Friday March 10, 2023

Doping control at the atomic scale in III-V semiconductors

Douwe Tjeertes

Friday March 17, 2023

Diffusion MRI tractography for oncological neurosurgery planning

Clinical research prototype

Daniel Krahulec

Tuesday April 04, 2023