Promotion agenda archive

Individual and household decision-making in shared parking

Qianqian Yan

Tuesday January 31, 2023

Fault-Tolerant Power Amplification

Applied in Mechatronics Systems

Darian Verdy Retianza

Tuesday January 31, 2023

Waterborne barrier coatings on paperboard

Sterre Bakker

Friday January 27, 2023

Relative ST analysis for intrapartum fetal monitoring

Alexandra Danuta Johanna Hulsenboom

Thursday January 26, 2023

CO2 capture with hydrophobic deep eutectic solvents

Experiments and modeling

Kun Xin

Thursday January 26, 2023

Advances in Perception for Automated Mobile Systems

Towards Annotation-affordable, High-level, and Holistic Scene Understanding

Chenyang Lu

Wednesday January 25, 2023

Boosting power of salt hydrates for heat storage

Natalia Mazur

Tuesday January 24, 2023

Towards Universal Probabilistic Programming with Message Passing on Factor Graphs

Semih Akbayrak

Friday January 20, 2023

Real-time monitoring of low-concentration pollen in the air

Jiajing Yang

Friday January 20, 2023

Modeling mechanobiology in guided kidney morphogenesis

A combined experimental and computational study

Maria Johanna Hagelaars

Friday January 20, 2023