Promotion agenda archive

3D-Integration on Wafer Level of Photonic and Electronic Circuits

Marc Spiegelberg

Tuesday March 02, 2021

Towards Physiology-Aware Persuasive Technology

A study on psychophysiological reactions to persuasive messages

Hanne Adriana Alijda Spelt

Tuesday March 02, 2021

Uterine and embryo quality

Features and models to predict successful IVF treatment

Friday February 26, 2021

16.00h, Auditorium, Collegezaal 4

Designed Micro-and Nano-Compartmented Factories for ChemBio Cascade Reactions in a ONE-FLOW Process

Chenyue Zhang

Thursday February 25, 2021

Self-assembly and silicification of macromolecules

María Paula Vena

Thursday February 25, 2021

Architecture and IC Implementation of Ultrasound Communication and Rangefinder Systems for Sensor Swarms

Gönenç Berkol

Wednesday February 24, 2021

16.00h, ONLINE

Feedforward Control for Parameter-Varying Systems

Yanin Kasemsinsup

Tuesday February 23, 2021

Numerical Methods for Dynamics of Particles in Magnetized Liquids

Sina Tajfirooz

Monday February 22, 2021

Cryptography on Isogeny Graphs

Lorenz Panny

Thursday February 18, 2021

16.00h, ONLINE

Intensification of peroxyester production

Maurilio Magosso

Thursday February 18, 2021