Promotion agenda archive

Doping control at the atomic scale in III-V semiconductors

Douwe Tjeertes

Friday March 17, 2023

A Changing Landscape

On Safety & Open Source in Automated and Connected Driving

Sangeeth Kochanthara

Friday March 17, 2023

Cardiovascular in situ Tissue Engineering

Unraveling Heterogeneity and Variability

Bente de Kort

Thursday March 16, 2023

Quality-of-Service-Adequate Wireless Receiver Design

Paul Detterer

Wednesday March 15, 2023

The amazing osteoclast

Towards an in vitro 3D co-culture model of bone

Stefan Johannes Abraham Remmers

Tuesday March 14, 2023

Detailed description of igniting high-pressure sprays using efficient models

Hesheng Bao

Tuesday March 14, 2023

Spectroscopy on the verge of soot formation

Robin Doddema

Tuesday March 14, 2023

Optimization of Cell-Aware Test

Zhan Gao

Friday March 10, 2023

PAINTing receptors

A quantitative single-molecule view on cell membrane receptors

Roger Riera Brillas

Friday March 10, 2023

Orchestrating nanomechanical motion with light

Thursday March 09, 2023