Promotion agenda archive

Multi-scale modelling of multi-phase interfaces in multi-phase steels

From understanding physical origin to predictive modelling

Lei Liu

Wednesday June 07, 2023

Statistical Arbitrage Trading on Electricity Markets Using Deep Reinforcement Learning

Sumeyra Demir

Wednesday June 07, 2023

interActive Environments: Designing interactions to support active behaviors in urban public space

Loes van Renswouw

Wednesday June 07, 2023

Acceptance and use of autonomous vehicles

Zhihui Tian

Tuesday June 06, 2023

Ni-catalyzed CO2 hydrogenation

On mechanisms and active sites

Jérôme François Marie Simons

Tuesday June 06, 2023

An Independent Timing Analysis for Credit-Based Shaping in Ethernet TSN

Jingyue Cao

Tuesday June 06, 2023

One-step CO2 hydrogenation to dimethyl ether via packed bed membrane reactors

Serena Poto

Friday June 02, 2023

Hemodynamic Quantifications By Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

From In-Vitro Modelling To Clinical Validation

Peiran Chen

Friday June 02, 2023

Bidirectional Charge Control

On the unification of soft-switching, bidirectional power flow, wide voltage ranges and high dynamic capabilities for medium-power DC/DC power conversion

Remco Wilhelmus Theodorus Bonten

Friday June 02, 2023

Development of Carbon Molecular Sieve Membranes (CMSMs) for membrane reactors

Arash Rahimalimamaghani

Thursday June 01, 2023