Spatial molecular layer deposition of hybrid films

Challenges and opportunities for upscaling

Hardik Shantilal Jain

Tuesday April 04, 2023

Optical and hyperspectral image analysis for image-guided surgery

Francesca Manni

Wednesday April 05, 2023

Scattering Dynamics of rarefied gases

A hybrid atomistic/machine learning approach

Shahin Mohammad Nejad

Thursday April 06, 2023

Maintenance optimization and spare parts management in data-integrated environments

Ipek Dursun

Thursday April 13, 2023

Wideband focal-plane arrays with improved scanning capabilities

Aleksei Dubok

Thursday April 13, 2023

Distances and component sizes in scale-free random graphs

Joost Jorritsma

Tuesday April 18, 2023

From data to patient prognosis

Novel applications of prognistic markers in clinical care

Jonna Adinda van der Stam

Tuesday April 18, 2023

A study of particles-flow interactions based on the numerical solution of the Boltzmann equation

Cosimo Livi

Wednesday April 19, 2023

A biomimetic artificial cervical disc replacement

Biomaterial and biomechanical design characterization

Celien Antonia Maria Jacobs

Wednesday April 19, 2023

Simulation and Synthesis for Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Image Analysis

Sina Amirrajab

Thursday April 20, 2023